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A few Words About Gavin Davies

Gavin is a multi-instrumentalist Singer Songwriter who generally writes, records, mixes and masters his own music. However, his latest album “Some Light Shines” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. After many years Gavin has finally found the confidence to release his music to the world.

Why create music and then hide it away from everyone?

Well, that is something I have been struggling with since I was a teenager! 40 years ago, a musician had to get up on the stage and perform to earn a living, something I could not face as an Anxiety sufferer. Instead, I wrote and practiced on my own and hid behind a Drum Kit, playing with numerous local bands. I wished I had the confidence to get out front and sing my own songs. I still don’t feel comfortable in front of a live audience but have decided to record and release my music anyway. I really hope you like what you hear. Best Wishes xx

Magazine review "Your vocals, Gavin, are a wild river - soothing yet strong, the raw essence shining like morning sun upon the rushing waters. The interplay of the soft guitar, bass, piano, and drums, weaves a rich tapestry of sound that wraps the listener in its comforting embrace"